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Why Orthopedic Surgeons Are Embracing Robotic Spine Surgery

One of the latest advancements in practice of orthopedics and spine surgery is robotic spinal surgery. The use of this minimally-invasive approach ensures a higher level of accuracy and precision during a spinal surgery. As such, robotic spine surgery has incredibly reduced the probability of screw misplacement during common procedures like spinal fusion, which leads to greater patient outcomes and faster recovery periods. Robotic spinal surgery

With the use of the Renaissance System robot by Mazor Robotics, an orthopedic surgeon will still remains in charge of the neurosurgery, however, during the placement of the screws, a robot is utilized as a guidance system which is primarily based on a preoperative plan. With the utilization of this technology, the precision of a spinal surgery can be enhanced to 1mm.

Robotic spinal surgery is being used in a range of spinal procedures which require and enhanced the level of accuracy and precision. A few of such procedures may include but not confined to spinal fusions, biopsies for spinal tumors or infections, correction, and revision of scoliosis, kyphoplasty in order to fix vertebral compression fractures etc.

Mazor Robotics Renaissance System & How It Works

Mazor Robotics Renaissance System is a robot-guide technology that is specifically designed to be used in delicate surgeries in order to improve the accuracy and precision, thus making it safer for the patient to undergo such a surgery. The system has already gained remarkable popularity and is commonly in use in the majority of the large hospitals with hundreds of successful cases throughout the world. spine surgeon

Depending on the anatomy of the patient, a few challenges in terms of precision and accuracy are associated with each neurosurgery. With the utilization of an advanced 3D planning software by Mazor, a surgical blueprint with the help of images taken from Computerized Tomography (CT scan) can be developed by the surgeon before beginning with the operation. This surgical blueprint is ideal for the patient and is developed with consideration to the patient’s condition. In the operation theater, while the neurosurgeon is still in charge of the surgery, the Mazor Robotics by Renaissance play the role of a guidance system ensuring safe implantation of the screws.

The robot is not much larger in size than a 12 oz beverage can and has a tiny arm attached to it. During the surgery, the robot is either placed near the patient or may as well be anchored to the spine of the patient directly. Thanks to its capacity to bend and rotate its arm, it can place it on the spine at a particular trajectory or location. The robotic spine surgery is one of the latest and minimally invasive technique that is being used in the world of neurosurgery.

Why Choose Robotic Spine Surgery

There is a range of benefits for the patients, the surgeons, and even the hospitals which are associated with the use of robotic spine surgery. A few of such prominent benefits are mentioned below:

  • Almost infinite number of spine transplants
  • Proven clinical results
  • Increment in the safety and security of the patient during the surgery
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Fewer complications or revisions
  • Higher accuracy and precision in the surgical procedures
  • Minimal radiation exposure
  • Efficient procedure

Considering the above mentioned information, it won’t be wrong to conclude that the use of robotic spine surgery has been increasing rapidly and further improvements being introduced in the technology, its use will only be increased further in the years to come. The robotic spine surgery certainly is the future of neurosurgery and perhaps someday, it’ll completely eliminate the risks associated with such procedures.

If you think you’re a candidate for robotic spinal surgery, then visit NewJerseySpineSurgeon.com for more information.

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Orthopedic Surgeon Earns Jersey Choice Top Doctors Award

Dr. Joshua S. Rovner, M.D. of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in New Jersey has earned the Jersey Choice Top Doctors Award for the second year in a row. Over 20,000 doctors and medical professionals in the state of New Jersey have spoken, and Dr. Joshua S. Rovner has been given the honor of this prestigious award. As a result, Dr. Rovner is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the top spine surgeons in New Jersey.top spine surgeons new jersey

In addition to a wealth experience providing spine and orthopedic surgery in New Jersey, Dr. Joshua Rovner’s personal approach that he advocates to his patients and his high-level of expertise has earned him the well-deserved respect of his peers for the second year running. His compassionate and caring approach have helped him to achieve the recognition he has worked so hard for.

Well-Versed in Treatments Beyond Surgery

Dr. Joshua Rovner specializes in helping patients who are dealing with back and neck pain, as well as a host of other spinal conditions. In fact, he is one of the few New Jersey orthopedic surgeons who handles all types of spinal conditions. new jersey spinal surgeon doctor rovner

The New Jersey orthopedic surgeon has been licensed since 2008 and growing his practice consistently over the past 8 years. His highly ethical approach to medicine is inspiring. Surgery may be his profession, but he takes the personal care of his patients to new levels.

He ensures that each one has attempted all other forms of pain management and physical therapy possibilities before using surgery as an option. He consistently shows his high level of care for his patients with his solution-based approach and his dedication to achieving only the best possible results for each one in his care. Dr. Rovner is also one of the few spine surgeons in New Jersey who specialize in robotic spine surgery and other minimally-invasive techniques.

Where Experience & Professionalism Meet Personalized Treatment

Dr. Joshua Rovner strives to keep his practice at a level where he will always continue to give one-on-one personalized care to each one of his patients. There is no doubt that his purpose in his profession is one of healing and compassion. The testimonials from his past patients provide him with strength and keep him moving forward toward healing as many people from pain as he can handle.

The New Jersey spine surgeon is also known to love an intellectual challenge and spends a lot of time practicing and improving his surgery skills. He strives for precision and excellence at all times. Members of New Jersey’s spine surgery community applaud him for his extreme dedication to helping others improve their quality of life.

Advanced Training from America’s Top Surgery Centers

dr joshua rovner englewood njAs a board certified orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Joshua Rovner has gained the respect and privileges of several hospitals, including Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center. He is trained in many different techniques of spinal surgeries including discectomy, disc replacements and fusions. He is also making his contribution to science while learning more about and using stem cells treatments to promote healing. He is also known for using techniques that are less invasive and therefore need less healing time.
His peers have obviously noticed his hard work and professionalism to recognize him once again with this award. He is making an excellent impression on those around him and his forward thinking will continue to propel his good deeds into the future.

In addition to being awarded Jersey Choice’ top doctors recognition, Dr. Rovner deserves a big round of applause for his good work and continued care to his community. Thank you Dr. Joshua Rovner for the all of the pain you have relieved in so many people. You have impacted those around you in a very positive way and are well deserving of this award.

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